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This project was initiated as a means of recording information on changing times from pre 1950’s to present in typical rural Ireland, concentrating on the experiences of Donaghmore and the surrounding areas. This project is an interactive experience and uses technology to ensure that social history and changes in the local environment is presented in an accessible format using video, photographic, text and sound records.

During the interviewing process, the Donaghmore Historical Society collected testimonies from residents, associates and characters of the Donaghmore and surrounding villages, hamlets and townlands covering every day aspects of the life and times in typical rural area of Ireland pre 1950’s.

The program is designed to satisfy local community interests, as well as the interests of outside visitors. We hope that many groups and individuals continue to be involved in compiling information and the visual record, so that the project continues to serve and grow as a community resource. This content has helped create a catalogue that helps researchers navigate the archive more easily and experience a first hand account of living history.

Donaghmore Historical Society has also produced a DVD version which includes further content. If you wish to receive a copy of this please contact the Living History Co-ordinator.