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“The Living History Project will provide an invaluable resource for young people as a record of a bygone age from which they can see and hear the experiences and lives of real people who have lived through the middle years of the twentieth century when the motor car was a rarity, television non existent, work on the farm and in the home usually manual, no washing machines nor other modern conveniences and entertainment, apart from the picture house, of the home-made variety. Although these experiences are a mere lifetime ago, they reflect a lifestyle that has all but disappeared.”
Pat John Rafferty (Donaghmore Historical Society)

“This very important project manages to capture and will preserve the memories of a way of life experienced by the participants, who grew up in a lifestyle far removed from the comforts of today’s technologically advanced age. The contents of the project will be of interest to w wide audience, from those with a keen interest in local history, to expatriates and to pupils and students in various educational settings.“
Patricia Bogue (Donaghmore Historical Society)

“This project will guarantee that local memories, stories and traditions won’t be lost from this generation. Much has changed in Northern Ireland since the early 1900s and it is important to record first hand what life would have been like in the local area at that time before the stories are lost forever. Now, thanks to this project, these memories will be preserved for future generations to use and learn from." Kevin Baird, Heritage Lottery Fund

“The knowledge, experiences and understanding of this era has been shared and preserved in a way for everyone to enjoy for many years to come. With rapid global developments since 1940’s many of the contributors find it unbelievable that all their memoirs from yesteryear can be shared accessibly using today’s technology anywhere in the world, living up to the concept of Living History”
Ciara Boyle (Manager, BEAM Centre, Bardic Educational Arts & Media)

“This is a most impressive and informative website- a great resource for learning about our locality – its history, culture and traditions, at a most significant time in the history of St. Patrick’s School. It will also be a very beneficial resource to our European partner schools in our Comercis Project, namely Southern Ireland, Poland, Iceland, Turkey and Finland giving them an insight into life in the Donaghmore area. Congratulations and many thanks to all involved”
Mrs Pat McQuaid, Principal of St. Patrick’s Primary School, Donaghmore.

“Very impressive website, an excellent classroom resource which will bring local history to life”
Mrs Lynn Watt, Principal of Donaghmore Primary School